Seafood Connection Charlotte
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Charlotte's best seafood



Jamie Walker, the owner of Seafood Connection, has always been cooking--that’s just what he loves to do.  He's from Savannah, Georgia, a city known for their fresh, delicious seafood.  He created a name for himself when he moved to Orlando and created a secret spice that blew a lot of people away. Now, our team is bring that secret spice and flavor magic to everyone in the Queen City, and we won't stop 'til everyone in Charlotte is hooked.

Eat Together

We're happy to announce you can now dine-in at Seafood Connection. We appreciate each and every one of our fans and supporters who have been pulling up for the last couple of years, so this restaurant is for YOU. 


We have something for everyone. From the original plates of crab legs, lobster, and shrimp, to the fried seafood and new brunch menu, you're sure to find something you absolutely love. We also have grilled seafood with veggies for those looking to eat a little healthier.

What you won't find is a lack of flavor. Everything we're cranking out is going to satisfy all of your tastebuds. 

All of our seafood is imported fresh from Savannah, Georgia. Which is know for having some of the freshest, largest selection of seafood in the southeast. We get it delivered straight to our kitchen several times per week and cook it up just for you. 

We're still not going to tell you what's in our secret butter sauce, but we know you'll keep coming back for it, and we love that about you guys.